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For this massage, the client remains fully clothed or draped and is done on a traditional Thai floor padded mat. Combining shiatsu and foot pressure the Meridians or Shen (Energy) lines are pressed to clear blockages which may cause weakness,  illness, disease or pain.  Thai massage  disperses the pressure although still intense and VERY deep. Some sessions may also incorporate Foot Massage (added pressure of standing or "walking" on back. Each session is customized to the individual. Traditional Thai  massage is combined with assisted yoga poses, isolated or full body stretches. Afterwards the muscles feel like they have been wrung out like a wet towel. It almost feels like a great work out! Typically, persons are not sore afterwards but feel very energized. Patt iGray has been practicing Inyegar Yoga for 14 years and is certified in Shiatsu and Thai Massage.

Patti Gray: Patti Gray
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